+ How much does Village Games cost?

Village Games is a multi-day competition that includes lodging, meals, alcohol, and programming. Retreats range from $395 – $445 per person depending on group size, event date, and registration date. In addition, group captains get extra perks in return for their help recruiting friends and paying the deposit. While we don’t include transportation in the price, see the FAQ related to transportation for additional detail regarding your options.

+ I have a group ready to compete. How do I register?

Glad you asked. Follow the link to Fevo. Simply purchase your ticket, name your group, invite friends, and unlock rewards. The more people you get, the better the rewards! We'll keep your group together for all the events; if you have more than 20 people, you'll have your own separate tournament.

+ I have a small squad or I’m flying solo. How can I join the fun?

Those who fly solo have the strongest wings. Just follow the link to Fevo, select your date and schedule type, and purchase your ticket. We'll then add you to a team.

+ I'd love to bring Village Games to my company. How can I organize a corporate retreat?

That makes two of us. Contact us.

+ How old do I have to be to participate?

Competition knows no age. But unfortunately, alcohol does. As beer and wine will be available, you must be at least 21 years old to participate.

+ I'm sold. When is payment due? What's your refund policy?

Payment is due at checkout. However, tickets will be refundable up to 30 days prior to the event, less a $50 charge. However, if you are no longer able to attend, you may transfer your ticket to another person up to 2 weeks before the weekend free of charge.

To request a refund contact us at payments@playvillagegames.com


+ How large are teams and how many teams are there per tournament?

Teams are typically 6 - 10 people, enabling substitutions for 5v5 events but enough playing time to keep everyone engaged. There are generally 4 teams that compete with each other in each tournament.

+ How many groups participate in a Village Games retreat? How much interaction is there between them?

Village Games is about strengthening existing friendships and building new ones. While large (>20 people) groups will only compete amongst yourselves, we encourage you to meet people from other groups. Some programming, such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and events, such as the relay race and dance-off, are held together. There are generally approximately 100 - 120 participants per weekend.

+ How do you determine fair teams?

We don't want any blowouts - Village Games is most exciting when teams are evenly matched. We’ll work with your group captain to determine fair teams based on the types of events and holistic assessment of skill levels. Remember - your soccer star may not be your best trivia player!

+ Who determines the schedule of events?

We offer a vigorous (5 strenuous events) and moderate schedule (2 strenuous events), and determine which one based on the responses given during registration.

+ What's a typical schedule like?

Check it out here

+ When is check-in & check-out?

Check in: Friday 5pm – 9pm; late arrivals are allowed with approval of your group captain. Check-out: Sunday 4pm, following Closing Ceremony

+ Can I leave the Village in the middle of Village Games?

Participants are highly encouraged to stay on campus the entire weekend.



+ What are the accommodations like?

Village Games offers comfortable camp-like accommodations: group cabins with bathrooms, showers, and electrical outlets. We provide linens, pillows, and towels. It’s no Four Seasons, but you get fresh mountain air.

There will be limited wifi access in certain areas of the premises. Village Games is not responsible for any lost valuables, and the only storage spaces available are in the cabins.

+ How are cabins assigned?

We’ll work with your group captain to assign cabins. To the extent that it is possible with group size, we keep groups together.

+ Do we have the campus all for ourselves?

Yes! Village Games participants have exclusive access to the camp.

+ What's on the menu and what's on tap?

We serve 6 meals [8 for the 3-night option] with snacks interspersed throughout the retreat. We have options for vegetarians and can work with other dietary restrictions. During events you’ll have a steady supply of energy drinks and bars. At night, we’ll switch from Gatorade to beer and wine.

+ What should I pack?

See here for the packing list.

+ Can I bring my own food and drink?

We’ll have plenty of snacks and booze to go around, but we encourage power bars without nuts and whatever else gets you going!

+ Are pets allowed?

Due to allergy concerns, pets are not allowed.


+ Is transportation included in the price? What are my transportation options to get to camp?

For those without cars, we arrange transportation for an additional $25 per person each way. The camp is located approximately 90 minutes from New York City, depending on departure time.

+ I’m coming from another city. Which airport should I fly into?

For our Village Games outside New York City, you can fly into: Newark International Airport (EWR), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

+ What happens if there is inclement weather?

Village Games is held rain or shine. We've got plenty of indoor facilities to keep dry, but soccer and relays might get a little muddy!