Our story

After graduating college, as our friends dispersed across the country, we were looking for a fun way to keep in touch and create new memories. Social media just wasn't cutting it. 

So we kicked off a weekend dedicated to sports and games with friends and friends-of-friends. We split into teams and competed over a 3-day tournament on the fields, on the courts, and at the pong table. It's become an annual staple in our lives.

For us, Village Games is a college reunion with a competitive edge. For others, it's a chance to catch up with childhood friends, reunite with old fraternity or sorority classmates, or bond with colleagues.  

Ultimately, Village Games is about joining a community of team players seeking fun competition, camaraderie with new and old friends, and a breath of fresh air.  

Who we are


Eric Levine

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite Event: Street Hockey

Began at Bain & Co in NYC, where his principal achievements were serving as captain of the office soccer team and spending weeks planning Village Games for his friends. 

Learned the samba while working for an Afro-focused salon chain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Could never quite catch a tan. 

Moved to San Francisco to work for a private equity firm. Realized that he needed a start-up idea to make friends in San Francisco. 


Byron Edwards

Hometown: Teaneck, NJ

Favorite Event: Dance-off

Started at BCG in NYC, spending thrilling hours travelling across the country to the middle of nowhere. On break, he ran into an anaconda in South America.

Joined the "we" movement at WeWork and helped build a community of entrepreneurs. The free beer on tap was a nice plus.  

Attended Harvard Business School, where he channeled his passion for Village Games into intramural dodge ball.